Specks of happiness

My book, ‘Specks of happiness’ is about the remarkable moments of joy in our everyday life. We all experience them but somewhere in the mundane tasks and routine chores, we often tend to bypass these moments and are never able to enjoy them. We always keep waiting for our ‘big dreams and expectations’ to come true and materialise and we put our happiness on hold while these specks of happiness keep passing us by. I am not saying that we should not wait for our dreams to come true, in fact on the contrary, if we learn to recognise these specks of happiness in our lives, the positive energy generated would propel us towards accomplishing our bigger goals even more rapidly. At the same time, our everyday existence would become so much more meaningful and blissful once we start savouring these.

I am sharing some of these moments from my life, small things and significant people in my life who have given me a reason to stop and experience that moment of elation in my life. I have also tried to highlight my learnings’ from each of these experiences wherever possible. I call each of these stories a speck of happiness in my life. If after reading my stories, you are able to recognise even some of these moments of happiness in your life, the purpose of my book would be served.

Happy reading and wish you countless specks of happiness throughout your life!

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