Journey to My Heart

'Journey to My Heart' is my collection of poems written during the course 'Creativity and Leadership' I took in the fall quarter of 2010 at Stanford University. This course taught the tools of creativity and encouraged the students to practice each one in the form of live-withs, one every week.…

Love, Hope & Healing

Love, Hope and Healing is my journal of the time (2011) I met with a road accident. The book comprises my journey to recovery- from being bedridden to returning back to my original self- physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a journey of discovering inner-strength, fortitude and starting over. If you have ever experienced any sort of physical or mental trauma, this book is for you.

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Specks of happiness

My book, 'Specks of happiness' is about the remarkable moments of joy in our everyday life. We all experience them but somewhere in the mundane tasks and routine chores, we often tend to bypass these moments and are never able to enjoy them. We always keep waiting for our 'big…