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The Guiding Light (Exhibited in an event with the theme Hope, Help,Strength organized to help families affected with suicides held on Nov 6,2010 in Palo Alto, California)

I am a traveler and walking through this vast desert, it seems that I will never be able to reach my destination, for all I see around me, are vast stretches of brown sand which seems to extend into infinity, It is still daytime now and I am finding it so difficult already, what will happen when the sun goes to sleep? who will guide me towards my goal? I feel disheartened, and am almost ready to give up, but then I hear God telling me it doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, what will always be at your side and lead you, will be your inner guiding light and that  dear child always remains awake no matter whether it is day or night! (The photograph was taken at Times Square,New York, USA by Dr. Asha Gauri Shankar)