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Mother’s Day

It’s your special day But you know that , I don’t need one day to tell you That you are my world!   The grass is always green And the sky is always blue, The way these are facts, Similarly my love for you too Is a simple fact of nature.   I am what you made me, I owe all my successes to you, My past, present and future Are yours mother.   I love you from the Bottom of my heart, My love for you Is deeper than the pacific, Brighter than the sunlight, Shinier than the stars, Purer than the ice, And higher than the Everest! (Photograph: Dr. Asha Gauri Shankar receiving the best Teacher award in Delhi University from Dr. Abdul Kalam. former President of India; September 2009)

The Guiding Light (Exhibited in an event with the theme Hope, Help,Strength organized to help families affected with suicides held on Nov 6,2010 in Palo Alto, California)

I am a traveler and walking through this vast desert, it seems that I will never be able to reach my destination, for all I see around me, are vast stretches of brown sand which seems to extend into infinity, It is still daytime now and I am finding it so difficult already, what will happen when the sun goes to sleep? who will guide me towards my goal? I feel disheartened, and am almost ready to give up, but then I hear God telling me it doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, what will always be at your side and lead you, will be your inner guiding light and that  dear child always remains awake no matter whether it is day or night! (The photograph was taken at Times Square,New York, USA by Dr. Asha Gauri Shankar)

The Language of Love (Published on Standard Chartered website in July 2009)

I didn’t know their language They didn’t know mine But still communicating wasn’t a problem I smiled And they smiled back I held out my hand And they held it in such a way As to never let go I looked into their eyes And they reciprocated my eye contact I touched them and They held me too They are infected with HIV But everything can be overcome In this world If all of us Just decide to speak the language of love!

The Haunting Eyes (Published in Muse India (your space) in April 2010)

I saw her at the red-light I was driving my car And she was sitting at the back of a van Which was packed with people As if they were sardines Our eyes met I saw a distant wistfulness in her eyes She was around sixty years of age She was old and dark in color Probably because of working in the sun Her eyes were saying something to me “Make the most of your independence And create a name for yourself” She seemed to say And it was then I realized that That I am the chosen one The blessed one Who can make a difference Who can be more than just An uneducated, backward and oppressed woman The signal turned to green And she disappeared But her eyes still swim in front of my face Beckoning me to make something out of my life!

Courage (published on Standard Chartered website in July 2009)

I always thought I was very courageous I was wrong I am not very courageous The little boy  is He smiles through his eyes He smiles through his fears And he smiles through his tears He has a cute face And a smile that can light the black hole He runs like a rabbit and He is as quick as the lightening He is young He is innocent He is sweet And he has a big heart Because he met with all of us strangers So easily and without hesitation It is he who represents The true meaning of courage He is 6 years old And he is infected with HIV…