The Haunting Eyes (Published in Muse India (your space) in April 2010)

I saw her at the red-light

I was driving my car

And she was sitting at the back of a van

Which was packed with people

As if they were sardines

Our eyes met

I saw a distant wistfulness in her eyes

She was around sixty years of age

She was old and dark in color

Probably because of working in the sun

Her eyes were saying something to me

“Make the most of your independence

And create a name for yourself”

She seemed to say

And it was then I realized that

That I am the chosen one

The blessed one

Who can make a difference

Who can be more than just

An uneducated, backward and oppressed woman

The signal turned to green

And she disappeared

But her eyes still swim in front of my face

Beckoning me to make something out of my life!

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